Donating Stocks, Securities & Other Gifts

StocksChrist Church St. Michaelʼs Parish welcomes gifts of cash, stock, materials, equipment or property of any kind which promote the mission of the Church. The Church reserves the right to refuse any gift that the vestry, in its sole discretion, deems to be not in the best interests of the Church to accept. If a gift is accepted by the Church, the gift shall be final and no restrictions on the Churchʼs ownership, possession, use or disposition of the gift shall be effective other than restrictions directed by the donor in writing and approved by the vestry. If you would like to discuss making a donation such as described below, please contact the Rector at 410-745-9076, or


Monetary gifts: The Church welcomes either restricted or unrestricted gifts of cash or stocks.

Real estate or other personal property: The Church accepts unrestricted gifts of real property that either support or could be sold to support the mission of the Church. Such offers will be handled by the rector and the vestry to determine the suitability of the gift and the terms of acceptance compatible with the Churchʼs mission and policies, the donorʼs intent and applicable laws.

Bequests: Bequests, to either Christ Church or the Heritage Fund, which are unrestricted in purpose, or, if restricted, support the mission of the Church, will be gratefully accepted.

Other donations: For information on other gifting opportunities, such as planned giving documents, e.g. life insurance policies, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life income gifts, etc., the rector and Planned Giving Committee will provide guidance on fulfilling the intentions of the donor.

Valuation: The Church will provide a timely, written acknowledgment of the receipt of gifts to the donor and, if desired, to a recognized individual or organization. Income tax regulations leave the determination of the gift’s monetary value to the donor. Donors wishing to have an appraisal of their gifts done for income tax purposes should do so prior to donation.