Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care is the way we express the love of Christ to one another as we walk together through life’s ups and downs.   We are called to care for one another especially during times of transition or significant change in our lives, such as the death of a family member or close friend, the loss of a job, a serious illness, marriage, the birth of a baby, divorce, and other times of loss or change.  The pastoral care ministry supports the work of the clergy and provides volunteers a rewarding experience in service to others. To learn more about these ministries and pursue your interest in volunteering, contact the parish office at 410-745-9076, or

Clergy Visits

At Christ Church, pastoral visits are made by our clergy, lay professional staff, and trained and supervised parish volunteers who call on those in the hospital, at nursing homes, or those who are homebound. It is our goal that the clergy make the initial hospital visit and continually visit those in hospice. Our clergy also try to visit the homebound throughout the year. If you would like to receive a pastoral visit from our clergy, please contact the Parish Office at 410-745-9076.

Caregivers Support Group

This group meets the first Monday of each month at 9:30 AM to provide those who are caring for family and/or friends a time apart and a safe place to share thoughts and challenges. It is also a time for those who are caring for others to experience an opportunity to more fully understand the effects of caregiver stress and how to best care for themselves as they care for others.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors are sent out from our Sunday Services to bring communion to members of the congregation who are sick or homebound. The Communion kit is consecrated at one of the church services and the congregation joins in sending forth the Eucharistic visitor. Eucharistic visitors are trained by clergy and licensed by the diocese.

Healing Service

On the first Wednesday of every month Christ Church offers a Healing Service beginning at 12:10 PM. This service is a time for people to come together and offer prayers for the nation, the world and the community, and to receive healing prayer for themselves and their family and friends.

Life After Loss Support Group

Following the loss of a loved one, we face a journey that we neither choose to take nor for which we are fully prepared. But along the way there are others also trying to navigate what may lie ahead. By sharing a common experience we can help each other and be helped in return as we each seek to embrace our “next chapters”. If you are interested, please join the conversation. Contact Lisa Rey (410-745-2693) with questions. We will usually meet every second Tuesday of the month at 3 p.m. in the Lea Library.

Men’s Cancer Support Group

Although cancer carries less of a stigma now than it did years ago, it can often be isolating and life-changing in ways that are best understood by others who are similarly affected. This newly-formed group provides men who have, or who have had cancer of any type with an opportunity to help each other by sharing experiences (both good and bad), concerns, and hopes. Discussions are confidential. The group will meet in the Lea Library of the parish house usually on the fourth Thursday of each month at 11 a.m.

Pastoral Care Committee

Pastoral Care Committee is a group of parishioners who commit to regular prayer for those in need in our church. The group meets monthly for updates and support. Prayer requests are welcome. To submit a request, please contact the Parish Office at 410-745-9076.

Stephen Ministry Stephen Ministry

Christ Church has been a Stephen Ministry Congregation for approximately 10 years. Consistent with this time of congregational transition, Stephen Ministry is undergoing a period of review and reconsideration. Learn more about Stephen Ministry.