Planned Giving – Your gift is a legacy

Learn more about planned givingFor over 340 years, Christ Church has served as a spiritual home, a place of worship and a place to create, inspire, fund, and carry out good works. As you have given generously to God throughout your life, consider making a planned gift to Christ Church. In addition to supporting the parish’s ministry and mission, planned gifts are a unique way to express your personal values, continue the stewardship of your life, and leave a lasting impact on the lives of others. Leaving a planned gift to Christ Church’s mission reminds the next generation of your enduring faith and beliefs.  There is no better time than right now to begin.

Gifts intended for the Endowment should be made to “The Heritage Fund” or “the Endowment of Christ Church.” Gifts to “Christ Church” will be allocated by the Vestry.

In August of 2013, and again in the summer of 2017, the vestry authorized expanding the number of trustees of the Christ Church Permanent Endowment Fund from 3 to 5, approved a strengthened and more transparent endowment fund, and officially renamed the fund “The Heritage Fund of Christ Church – St. Michaels Parish”. You may download the Fund policies here.  You can also learn more about Planned Giving, by visiting the Episcopal Church Foundation website. Two resources you may wish to download are, “In Time of Death: An Estate and Financial Packet”  and “In Time of Death: An Information Packet”. To discuss your interest in planned giving opportunities at Christ Church, please contact the Rector at 410-745-9076, or