The Vestry

VestryAs in all Episcopal parishes, the vestry is the elected governing body of the parish. In addition to the Rector, the vestry is composed of the senior and junior wardens and 9 other members. As a whole the vestry:

  • Helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing Christ Church;
  • Articulates and communicates that vision;
  • Holds the Christ Church community accountable for its realization of the vision;
  • Keeps the mission of the Church and that of the individual congregation clearly before the parish community.

Broadly speaking, the vestry also has canonically specified responsibilities for the stewardship of church money and property and for working with the rector on personnel management and program development and oversight. Upon the departure of a rector, the vestry is also responsible for calling an interim or new rector, with the assent of the bishop. Members of the vestry also have a list of duties and responsibilities which provide active guidance and support of the overall life of the parish.

Members of the vestry are elected at the Annual Meeting, which is held in February of each year. The vestry generally meets the second Tuesday of the month for two to three hours at the Parish House.

BevLee Kegan, Senior Warden

Ray Wasdyke, Junior Warden

Tom Orem, Treasurer

John Masone, Registrar


Claudia Frantz, Worship & Music
Tom Newnam, Christian Formation
Bruce Thomas, Stewardship (Facilities)

Bill Corba, Outreach & Wider Mission
Mary Lou McAllister, New Member Ministry
Dodie Theune, Parish & Community Life

Tom Mendenhall
Lesley Moyer, Pastoral Care
David Shaw, Stewardship (Facilities)